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make you're reservation today for you're island guided tour on Bonaire

Welcome special guest,

You are one step away from you're guided island tour on Bonaire.

We speak English, Dutch and German.

We will guide and drive you around the island Bonaire in the beautifull Dutch Caribbean.

The guided tour is included water and will take up to three hours around the island.

When you make you're reservation please fill in the form;

  • Name
  • Date of arrival
  • name of the cruiseship
  • Time of the tour, 09:00 uur  and 13:00 uur and/or on request.

We also make special trips in the evening hours so you can see the beauty of the island with the little lights.  Please fill in the form and let us know what you're wishes are so we can make you're wishes to be suitable.

Start to book you're trip so you are certain that you have a special guided tour on the day you are on Bonaire.

If you have special request we make a special price for you

You can also directly mail me at happysinglebonaire@gmail.com