Photo album

Susan, driver and guide on Bonaire

climat control island guided tour bus

kaya Grandi, main shopping street in Kralendijk

Spice Beach

Watch out; Divers crossing the road

Scienic road

Iguana on island time

Goto lake in the northern side of Bonaire

The beautifull Flamingo's of Bonaire

Rincon, the oldest village of Bonaire in the Northern parth of the island

old historic Bonerian house

Goat on the beautifull spot of Seru Largu

Lady of Coromoto church in the neighborhood Antriol

Cruise day on Bonaire

No Name Beach (Klein Bonaire) where you can go with the watertaxi

Flamingo Airport

KLM at Flamingo Airport

Watch out; Donkeys crossing the road

bonaire's wild donkeys

Te Amo beach, near the Flamingo Aerport to see Kralendijk where the cruiseships come in.

shadowspot at the beach

just take a step in the cool caribic ocean and enjoy

Teamo Beach looking at Plaza Resort Bonaire

Bachelor Beach, dive spot and beautifull place to swimm or snorkel

Bachelor Beach on the south/west side of Bonaire

Bachelor Beach where you can make amazing photo's

South side of the island

Salt compagnie on the south side of Bonaire

White slave huts in the South side of Bonaire

Relax at sorobon beach

Sorobon beach where the iguana's will pass by

Hello iguana, have a nice day at Sorobon beach

windsurfing at sorobon beach

Sunsets on Bonaire are amazing

Wildlife parrots on Bonaire

Island map of Bonaire

Bonaire flag

Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean

Cactus on Bonaire with the company of a wildlife donkey

Vieuw from Klein Bonaire towards Bonaire

Waving goodbye to the cruisers. Till next time

lovely sunsets

once a visitor allways a friend

See U on Bonaire

Also available Studio/app Susan

An impression of the beautifull island Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean.

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